What up everybody? This is fadah mike and we have the information you all seek to have!
The “Pendant Sale” goes down like this...
Send a 3” by 5” note card with your, name and address on it as it would appear on an envelope with $10.00 U.S. that is the five for the Pendant and $5.00 shipping and handling for US people ONLY!

If you live OUTSIDE the USA send the same 3” by 5” note card, but with $15.00 U.S. Dollars that's five for the Pendant and $10.00 for shipping and handling!

Each "Pendant" will contain a "Time Capsule."

The mailing information is as follows:

P.O.Box 11446
Prescott, Arizona 86304

Each month Kineo will be offering, "New Time Capsules" for the, “Pendants” so get ready for some great things you can only get here! Much love, respect!

A BIG THANKS to Kineo Genetics for their help in this go check them out just click on the DOG!

P.S. You must be 21 to buy a Pendant or have a note from your Mother!